Snapchat is still the best app for Photographers.

I am stubborn when it comes to change. So embracing change is not my thing. I like to stick to something I am used to. I resisted a lot before start using Snapchat. But after finally giving it a try it became my favorite app, it’s the app I use most of the time.

I am huge fan and user of Snapchat and I think it is one of the most effective tools for photographers.

Guarantees Consumption

I haven’t been using it for long but I have to say it is a very effective tool and guarantees consumption. When you post a story on Snapchat people have to actually click to see your story. The stories are posted in a chronological sequence, once you click somebody’s story you get to see what that person posted in the past 24hours from the first post to the latest.

Although Instagram has a huge following but its consumption is low compared to Snapchat, percentage wise. For instance, I have less than 200 friends on Snapchat and over 1000 followers on Instagram. I posted on Instagram and Snapchat story at the same time, posted the same content just to test the engagement. I got 60 views on Snapchat and 55 views on Instagram. So you can see that more 30% of people viewed my story on Snapchat and just about 5.5% viewed my story on Instagram. It seems my Snapchat friend are more engaged than on Instagram. This consumption is actually aroused by one being curious to want to see your story because that is all they have to get one's updates on Snapchat. Snapchat will give you a small round thumbnail and you click it so as you can get to see one's story.

Instagram can get overwhelming because it is jam packed with features which make it even more difficult for people to keep up with all your updates in all those features. But with Snapchat focused on telling stories it makes it simple and uncomplicated and people become curious to want to see the updates.

 Scan My Snapcode To Add Me on Snapchat

Scan My Snapcode To Add Me on Snapchat

Powerful DM

Snapchat has a powerful Direct Message. I have tested this using two phones which both have Snapchat. Also it has a real-time online feature, you can chat with a friend even faster if you are both online. Its notification tools are very practical and they never go wrong. I never miss any notifications on snapchat.


Below is a Snapchat story of the journey to Mtwara from Dar Es salaam. I was going to see my young sister who just had her first baby.

Snapchat is very personal. You can see this by the fact you actually have to know most of the people you have added. You have to know their snap username so you can add them. Also it can be other people who follow you on other social networks if you did broadcast your Snapchat username. As a photographer here is where I let people in on my personal life. They get to see how my days go, what I am up to, my family and friends etc. It is very easy for people to book a shoot if they know you on a personaI level. I know Instagram also has a story feature, but I choose to tell stories through Snapchat because I know it’s effective. Also as I said earlier with so many features on Instagram it’s easy for people to miss your stories but in Snapchat it’s easy to get the updates.

I am not saying Snapchat is entirely superior to Instagram. They are both great in their own way. Snapchat is great for Behind the scenes, sneak peeks and for personal connection. Instagram is great for sharing images. On Snapchat you show how the image is created and on Instagram you share the images.

Social Media for Creatives

Social media can be quite overwhelming for creatives like photographers, painters, graphic designers, web designer and the like. This is because most of us prefer to exclude our self from the public eye and concentrate on making art.

Nevertheless, we can’t escape social media and in reality I believe it’s the most effective promotional tool. Over 90% of my sales where influenced by my social media presence. But it is important to connect with the right type of people who can actually be possible clients.


There are thousands of social media outlets. It is important to be selective and concentrate on the ones that would be effective in what you do. You can test out different media to see which one works for you then stick to those that work for you. Choose 3 to 4 if you are a freelancer. If you own or are a part of a big business then you can do them all. Since you will have somebody taking care of that. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and well as this blog.


Since we are creatives we should show that upfront in our social media. A person should be able to notice the difference between an artist and a regular person. You should always be consistent in your design. For example, your profile picture should be the same in all of your social media platforms, it also needs to be 1:1 ratio, since most if not all social media accept that standard without the need of cropping. It is also important to use a professional headshot; this will portray you as a professional straight away. The header of a platform like Facebook or twitter should also be designed to fit as well as artistic. You might put a header with a few of your best images together. You can also feel free to change that occasionally.

Posting Time

Setting a specific time and day for your post makes for smooth management of your social media and saves a lot of time for you. This is how I do it: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12:00 hrs I post on Instagram. Monday and Tuesday at 12:00 hrs I post on Facebook. Thursday and Friday at 03:00 hrs I post on Twitter. I also post on snapchat everyday.

Also I don’t want to bore people who are following me on more than one social media platform. So I always post a different image in each. Unless I have something that I really need to promote across all my social media platforms at the same time eg: a new blog post.


Well I am a photographer and filmmaker so obviously my content will primarily be photography and film. I also do post other personal stuff as well.


 Instagram Profile

Instagram Profile

I only post photos with clear hashtags about the photo and very few details if necessary. I only post my own images. I also never post photos of myself only professional photos that I have taken on assignment and personal projects. I treat Instagram like a portfolio site. I only post a professional portrait of myself once per year, on my birthday and I delete it after 24hours and leave it as the profile picture.

Facebook and Twitter

On facebook and twitter I post images, share new blogposts and also post announcements or ask questions. I also try to include hashtags so as people can find my photo if they search it by hashtags. Occasionally I share other blogs and quotes from other sites.

 Facebook header.

Facebook header.

 Twitter Header.

Twitter Header.


Now this is where I get personal. I would say that 70% of snapchat is my personal life. I use snapchat to share my daily life. I also post behind the scenes shots. It is important to get a bit personal since this would also lead to people hiring you because of your personality.

 Add me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode.

Add me on snapchat by scanning my snapcode.

There you go, my knowledge on social media; how I do it, how I know it.